Ishango & Lebombo Bone

In my CMN class we had this discussion about lshango and Lebombo bone. I totally had no idea what were they about. It was my first time to ever hear about these. I had a group partner who also never heard about topic. The instructor told us to google it and find out what were they. Our next step was talking about what we learned. Ishango bone is a tool that is dated to the Upper Paleolithic era. It’s the first evidence of a calculator.  The other bone called the Lobombo bone is the oldest mathematical instrument and it has tally marks on it. My partner and I was convinced that now we know what those bones were used for. I was surprised though. Because people are actually smart to ever think of using a bone for measuring something. They used a bone! Numbers are everywhere in our daily lives. I guess that is probably why those humans needed to make their lives easier by using something to catch track of the numbers.