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Inequality Between Men and Women

Bilge Tuzen



Gender inequality is not a term that would look unknown, because as we all know it is not. There are so many examples of these inequalities and each of them needs attention because ignoring them causes more problems in our society. How did this gender inequality even happen? What kind of inequalities are there? What is being done for these inequalities? All of these questions need to be answered in order to understand what is really going on in the society.

Inequality Between Men and Women

Equality is the position of being equal. These equalities may be opportunities, sex differences, religion, life styles, beliefs, etc. Difference and equality are two different things. It is normal difference to exist between men and women because it is scientifically proven that there is. Brains of women and men function differently, this affects us to give different responses to the events around us, we have different point of views and have different perspectives. But does that mean there should be an inequality just because of the difference women and men has? There is a difference but it’s not bad or dangerous difference. It is just a difference without bad or good. Difference should not be confused with inequality. But inequality actually starts in the moment the baby is born. Babies are treated according to their sexes. If the baby is a boy, his parents would prefer to dress him in blue colors but not pink? Why? Because they think “pink is girl’s color”. The girl baby borns and she plays with kitchen game stuff, barbies, pinky cute dolls, the boy plays with cars, building tools, etc. There is a term called “Patriarchy” it is the system where men holds the power. Our society is more like following that system because when you are born, you automatically have your surname as same as your father’s, you marry and your surname becomes as same as your husband’s. Think of the leaders of the governments and the workers there, it is very obvious that most of them are men. If society was asked the give a name to “active, responsible, work” and “emotional, caring, children”, we all know what would they name these. First would be the men and second would be described as women. People automatically behave in a way what society think of women and men. For example if society says that women are better than men at biology then men would act in order to that. But when there is no discrimination about that, they perform equally. It it kind of hard for women to higher her status in workplace because if the has kids then she also has to take care of them, but imagine a man facing the same situation, don’t you think that he would face the same challenges that the women does? He totally would. So obviously there is also a problem in the way both sides are treated.

The inequality between men and women is a wide topic and there are so many examples for that. Inequality in workplace, education, freedom to travel, job salaries, job opportunities, etc. Stereotypes about gender inequality are everywhere. In workplace, women and men are not considered as a whole person. They are classified as woman or man. If they were accepted a whole person without any inequalities then men would also spend time with their family and friends, balance would be successfully reached. Women have responsibility to do the home caring and have a job in the same time, yet their salaries, generally, are lower than the salary of men. This way women actually have multiple jobs. There can not be an expectation of an equality while people are not considered a whole person. Since men and women have different perspectives or different skills about a same event, men still earns more and more likely to get himself to higher positions in their jobs. U.S. has the lowest wage gap when comparing to other countries. Even that in U.S. women make 77 cents to every dollar men make. It is easy to imagine the situation of the other countries, the gap is probably wider. I have made a graph about the payment statistics by regions. It’s right below:
This gap has decreased in the 90’s but very little. There is a progress but it is really slow. One of the reasons for that might be the lack of education.
Of course there is also inequality in education between men and women. They do not get the same education, some women do not even get any education at all. There are many reasons why. Cultural beliefs and differences, financial difficulties are some of them. A family who struggles with financial difficulty which makes it hard to pay for education fees, if they have two kids who are boy and girl, for boy to get education would be their priority. Some societies believe that women do not need to go to university as much as men do. There is a graph that I have made right below:

This voting was made on 2013, which is last year, we can easily see that there are still people voting for agreeing that women do not need to go to university as much as men do. Because of this stereotypes, women, not all of them, become non-educated. In Afghanistan women are taken to school when they hit puberty. I honestly think that it is kind of late. When it comes to finding a job, it is much harder for them since they were not educated. So they work at bad places which has no safety. We can all imagine what happens to women there. Violence is unavoidable. People do now respect women there since they are not educated and they think she is worthless. But think about it now, was it her choice or the society that brought her to this situation? We know the answer already. Violence against women is a big thread to equality in human rights and any other thing. When women face violence it becomes hard for them to participate in the society. I am sure that they have the feeling of being afraid when they are participating in society. There is also spouse violence. Because it is believed that men have right for their wives body all the time, even if it is by forcing. Even in some developed countries this happens. Women’s actions are questioned when they face rape, violence and etc. Men should be questioned too, not only women. Violence against women is another problem that goes to our list of the things should be done in order to eliminate the inequalities. Here is a graph that I have made about the women violence. This graph shows the relationship between the women and their abusers:

Did you know that in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive or even just ride a bike? Plus to that, men are not allowed to drive car when there is a woman inside if she is not related to him? Imagine a school bus then, which has to be driven by a men. It seems to be able to cause a lot of problems. I have an another example of what happened in Saudi Arabia in 2002. According to my research I found that a girls’ school was on fire and religious police did not let the girls get out because their heads were not veiled properly. Police even beat them up because they were trying to get out. Can you even imagine that? Human rights are totally graved there.
In many countries it is hard for women to divorce their husband while it is very easy for men to do the same thing. Since they are both human, shouldn’t they have the same rights? Another example is that in some countries women do not have right to travel. I have read few things about this online. In Egypt and Bahrain, husbands can avoid their wife to leave the country. In Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Yemen and Libya, a woman, if she is married, has to take permission from her husband. This permission should be written down on a paper. If they do that then they can travel.
There is a protest called feminism and its founder was a French philosopher and socialist called Charles Fourier. It is a thought that supports the gender equality, women want to have the same rights as men do. The number of feminist increase everyday. Women think and also protest that men should also protest for this gender inequality as much as women do.

In some countries society care so much about the sex of their children. In China male baby is more vulnerable than girl baby. Discrimination starts even before the baby is born. If we want to eliminate this problem then, as I have mentioned before, we should start eliminating the stereotypes first. Because they have the huge effect on the outcomes. It is very important for society to understand that women and men are different but only different and that does not mean there should be inequality. If women and men have the same right and access to everything, then outcomes have more chance to be equal. Even if they are not, then there would not be big problems since women and men had the same rights in achieving results or, in other words, outcomes.


Bilge Tuzen
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