Importance of References


Importance of References

Giving references when establishing validity or relevance of piece of scientific research is pretty important thing. Why? There are so many reasons why it is really important that even in assignments the student could get a bad grade even if the assignment is perfect but without a reference.

People want to have a proof before they believe or trust in something. This is what we can actually call the reference. For example someone tells you something new about cancer, why would you believe that person if he does not have any proof or any source that he got the information from? Having references in your research supports the information you are giving. It also lets the people who are reading your research to locate the original idea of your research. I had assignments about pointing out the mistakes in articles earlier. I have found so many missing information and non supported information. I also noticed many mistaken information. This made me realize that I should really check the references before or after reading any kind of research. Because what is the point of spending time to read a research which has no references, which I also call proofs, that I could depend on before believing what I’m about to read? I do not see any point in there.

Have you ever heard of plagiarism? It is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own. It’s like you are giving an information which is not yours without any reference so that it looks like the information you have given belongs to you. This is totally wrong. Giving out references avoids the chance of your work to be considered as plagiarism. Protects the rights of the actual person who made the research that you are using as reference. This way no stealing anybody’s work, and no plagiarism.


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