Third Cmn Project

How Family Meals Can Stop Eating Disorders

As I read the article I start to see some paradoxes. The topic is pretty similar to me because I have suffered from an eating disorder, I’m still recovering though. I know a lot of things about eating disorders since I have an experience about it.

Here are the few paradoxes I have found:
In the article “closing Tv and sitting down to table with family” is mentioned. I don’t agree with that, neither does the eating disorder researches. I don’t think Tv has anything to do with sitting down to table with family, it is kind of wrong used in the article. Plus, article claims that eating disorder can be stopped by patients sitting with their family, then it was mentioned that only this decreases the disorder by %35 percent. It doesn’t stop, it just decreases…

Eating disorder can be caused because of many reasons, one of the reasons is urge to be thin and perfect so that the person skips meals or overeats behind his family’s back, which is called “secretly eating”. Article mentions that eating with family makes better contact and its a way to make conversations about bad diet and eating habits, but this triggers the eating disorder more. Talking about the illness could make the person uncomfortable, and it affects him psychologically. Many people with eating disorders respond to outpatient therapy. It includes, individual, group or family therapy and medical management by their primary care provider.

This is illness so it’s not easy to recover from. Eating with family might not be helpful to stop it because some patients are not comfortable eating in front of people, this can harmful for the patient… Another example is that the patient might eat 3-5 meals with family but still continue to eat secretly, family would never know though. So it can’t really make anyone healthy that easily. Health isn’t something that people get easily. Eating is just one of the factors.

Smoking is mentioned in the article, people who smoke aren’t really losing weight, because according to my researches smoking is one of the least effective ways to lose weight, it doesn’t really work. I believe that smoking is used here to catch attention or something.



            The Two Baby Family Makes a Comeback

The article that I’m just going to write a report about  was a hard one to analyse. Because

article has nonsense and unnecessary information. It also has wrong information which is something very important…

Numerical information on article is pretty important and has to be researched well. People wouldn’t want to believe in wrong information. Would you want to? I can hear the word “no”. People want true and trusted information. This article that I have just read fails to do that.

Immigration is mentioned a lot in the article. I believe that it is an effect on the population, not birthrate. So the word immigration is used unnecessarily.

There is a numerical error that I recognized, In the text it is said that quarter of the births in England and Wales last year were to mothers who were born abroad themselves, and then it says that half of the babies in London have mothers from abroad. I can see the paradox there…

Later in the article, family size, population, birthrate and so many other stuff are mentioned, I cant see the purpose of this article because of that. Too many topics are used without combining them altogether.

“Research shows that unmarried families’ children are healthier and do better at school and later in their careers’’ this sentence is from the article that Im writing a report about. There is no source about where did they get this information. If this statement is true than half of the babies will be unhealthy, unsuccessful in their lives later on. Nobody can really know what the future holds, and this statement might lower the motivation of the kids whose parents are unmarried. This is where the article does harm instead of giving information and being useful.

I had a discussion with my friends before writing this report and it was really useful, sharing ideas and all. And I have came to the conclusion that before writing an article or anything that is going to be shared with public should be double checked or even more. Not by only the writer but by some other people too. When third person sees it these mistakes could be pointed out. There are really unclear statements that it is hard to even understand what the writer is trying to point out or tell.



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